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Fidget Cube used as the Jinzhou Armageddon is the same. In the Drexelian it seems that this powerful magic Jinzhou play too much trouble, too much time to prepare, and even if the magic has been in this Jinzhou within the scope of the attack, like him to the extent of the magician want Escape, is also quite easy. In addition to Jinzhou magic, Drake does not think there is any other magic can endanger themselves. This is his strength to bring him the absolute confidence. Do you know what is called God level Jinzhou I saw Miss Fei Naxiya came closer and asked. God level Jinzhou Drake obviously do not know what the lady said. In order to lower the power of God with the Jinzhou Jinzhou, causing powerful Jinzhou Jinzhou, this Jinzhou because of the need to drop Shenshi involved, and the power far more powerful than other Jinzhou, it is known as God level Jinzhou. This passage is the Monster Moss Te taught early, and even what tone should be used, how should the wording of repeated practice and then practice. So Enlaike is easy to grasp the scale, after all, want to deceive Drake such a super magician is not a simple thing. But Enlai also do not think that such a casual talk to be able to make everyone believe it all. Really able to convince the only super power. Fortunately, in these three days, Enelco did not practice this is called mental storm Jinzhoum because he was a wicked mob, you know this Everything, they will only be more full of sympathy. However, feng shui turns, then the little baby has already become a majestic, command of the kingdom of Kacho all the marshal of the army. And Haigeluo also did not escape the sad fate of the mercy, although he was like that will not look down on love. Although he had declared himself a slave of desire, he had despised it. However, when the fate of the girls appeared fidget cube in his eyes, he still can not resist the inheritance that generations in their family that the curse of the play. He planted into this for their family members, the absolute fatal love whirlpool went. Like Hagelo s ancestors, Hagelow was a disgraceful character. In fact, his means quite a bit disdain for the ladies

ople feel jealous, because the strength of Enlai has already been in that earth shattering ban Jin confrontation deeply imprinted in the hearts of all. A young Jinzhou mage, but more and more by the enemy emperor His Majesty s trust and reuse, the enemy of countless ministers and the young Jinzhou close relationship. In this case, want to be the Jinzhou mage loyalty firmly fidget cube tied to his motherland, there is no better than let him with the royal family to conclude a strong affinity between the more effective means. The Royal Highness for the Princess to use the beauty meter to tempt the emperor of His Majesty the Third Holocles, most knights secretly extremely dissatisfied. For it seemed to these knights that it would be absolutely unacceptable for the heroic knights to offer the most precious treasures of the Kingdom of Sofien to the emperors of the enemy in exchange for peace. But the Royal Highness Princess with his country s combination of the Jinzhou Mage, it is absolutely logical, is simply a combination of heaven. Not to mention the intelligence collected from the recent parties it seems that En Laike is far from an incantation mage so simple. Everything that happened in Streetsh, though under close control, did not spread elsewhere in the Kacho Kingdom. But by various means, the world s fidget cube dice countries already have a very detailed report, S.lid out of the window and wait until they see who is coming back. All the people flocked to the door. Oh, Enlai Ke Bell Tina, welcome you back. We miss you ah. Welcome back Everyone can think of with the words to express the joy of seeing fellow return. Even a warm embrace is not enough to represent this excited mood. Once, twice, three times, countless times hugged together. Enlai Bertina you finally come back. Outside the crowd sounded a very familiar voice. Everyone pushed to the sides, separated from the crowd, Kate the countless times with them came to the death of them came before. For a long time did not meet Enlaike and Bertina feel Kate seems more mature. Watching Kate, En Leko and Bertina a long time speechless. After a long silence, three people hugged tightly together, at this time any language can not express the joy of reunion. Is En Laike and Bertina back While the three long awaited reunion companions immersed in unparalleled joy, the sound of her Royal Highness Princess. For En Laike, the princess and her crazy aunt princess Keli Si, is the most afraid of two people in his life. Hear the voice of the princess, En Leke could not help but shiver, if the return to the middle companion, for Enlaike is the most happy thing, then see the princess is no doubt in this case. Enlaike, Bertina and Kate stand in front of Her R.t will be quite inspiring if he wins, it is absolutely unforgivable. Dear Miss, what do you want to prove Drake speculated that the big move of the entire Aoqi Kingdom, and even their employers also intended to move the girl may be intended for the presence of all the people to defend Well. This would be quite troublesome, if she only turned to the Duke of Haigeluo hand, it is easier to deal with more. The young lady s status was special and she looked very heavy, and her employer was offended by a lot of pressure. While Draco hesitated, and all the others were equally envisioned, the young lady suddenly uttered words that shocked everyone If I want to prove, I just want to prove one thing, if strength to decide everything, I teamed up with Mr. Enlai Ke will be the world s most powerful combination. even our combined power of six mage is unable to compete with the shot. it s like an idiot general language so that everyone Very shocked. But the lady s expression made it hard for anyone to doubt the credibility of the remark, for the lady had said, as if it had been, as it were, not at all strange. If you have the honor to prove it. If a man does not take this warning as one thing, this person must be Drake. In fact Draco has such a grasp as a super magician, he did not break the magic of self confidence can not attack. Even Kobe Leo can be.

Fidget Cube other is respected by the great magician Kobe Bryant Leo s niece, is the Duke of Haigeluo s sweetheart. If she can let the prince put a horse, then the magician must also not contrary to the Duke s command. Milinda heart for everyone to think about what, of course, is clearly the. But she also knows she can not do anything. Did not expect to fall short of success, as Hagelo Erlai on the wrong target will be placed on En Leko who himself is also short sighted only a person who pegged Haigeluo Luo. Rather than think about it, internal affairs are not Hagelo s specialties. Everything that happened in Streetsh, how far reaching significance, the impact down to the end how much brother must have to be clear than anyone else. How could he be completely relieved that he was not good at this Haigeluo to deal with this matter, if he is not secretly inserted in the hand, it would be strange. And their own happens to have no idea in the brother of the Dreicisi. Perhaps because the guy never left his brother half a step around the reasons, his rashly Deleici absolutely not alone action. So forget about this can affect the overall situation, to subvert all the guys. Since his brother sent the Drechs to Streetshire, which represents the brother in a remote exotic, by Derek Zhe this substitute for control of all. Do not say that he did not have the abili.magician said. Mr. Deleikesi, you will be forgiven, you withdraw your evil magic dispel magic is tantamount to completely throw in the towel , If fidget cube midnight the lifting of the magic words, this failure will fidget cube have to own a person to the employer Suo Mi Leite responsible, not to mention, it also appears to be too cowardly. Thought of this, Drake said I was only for my host on behalf of the rumors, the real can make a decision is Mr. Mr. Suo Mi Leite, but Mr. far away in the journey to the Kingdom of Sophie, by him to me It is clear that it is impossible to give orders, we all fidget cube know that Mr. adults with Hagelo is the most intimate fidget cube for sale friends, Hagelo adults order as I have the same effect, if I lift the control of the Corps of Magic, Los adults ordered it. hear Deleikesi throw responsibility Hagrid Elohim, all of them once again to shift attention to Hagrid halloysite body. Once again become the focus of attention of the Haigeluo but confused as if thoughtful look. It was quite a matter of time for Hagelo, and when he saw the noble and holy pious expression of the sweetheart, it seemed as though he had felt so far away from Miss Fanny. An angel of the heavens, noble goddess, and he is just a mortal, power fidget cube and status and can not narrow the distance between the two. He bent on angel hunting hand, perhaps this is a wishful thinking thing. But Haigeluo know, he.

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